Dear Customers


Spring has finally sprung this month!

We hope you and your loved ones have been keeping well during lockdown.


We are looking forward to the new season ! There are so many things needs to be done once the lockdown is finished for everyone.  Don’t let the lockdown become something stop you from moving on in life. If you’re looking for staging for your house , or are just in need of some advice, come and talk to us@0212383198!


Simply txt us or email us, we will send you our price list and give you a quote for free! Or you can check the standard price on our website ,and call us for the details!


Many thanks for customers who like our staging design and styles and follow us for long term.

We will certainly keep our service level and do what we can to help you achieve your goal.


Have a great weekend in Spring!
From the team at Mint Homes

1 September 2021