Highlight Home Storage in Your Staging

Home Staging can be defined as the preparation of a private residence for the purpose of selling. While home staging can take a little of your investment it can pay you off by getting you worthy and wonderful deals considering it is really advantageous.

As Home Stagers with a good amount of experience we have learnt that for a buyer who is looking to move into a new place, storage is of utmost importance. And hence whenever people look for a new place, they look for cupboards and attics, walk-in closets and more such nooks and corners where they can stuff in their belongings. Thus, storage is extremely important and is to be highlighted whenever you plan to stage your home.

Even if you do not have a lot of extra space at your place there are ways you can implement to highlight the space which you already have and make the overall appearance of your house a lot more spacious and eye-catching. Penned below are a few tricks that will make your house look more appealing to the buyers and set you up for great deals out there:

  1. Put the clutter away:

The very first step towards creating space in your house or reusing space is to put the unnecessary and the unwanted stuff away. You can put all this stuff in bins and stack them up vertically or in a neat manner in your garage or your store rooms. This will ensure that your cupboards are not jam-packed and your garage also looks more presentable and neater. This will eventually lead to optimization of your storage spaces.

  1. Clean up your space:

The next step after having done away with the clutter is to clean up the spaces. It often happens that during the cleaning process cupboards, closets and storage spaces get overlooked. Hence, it is very important that you dust off your shelves and wipe them clean. If you have a walk-in closet, you can consider vacuuming the floor. This will make the cabinet spaces look spick and span and attractive.

  1. Add in a few décor pieces:

Adding in vases, candles or little décor pieces will give a pop of colour as well as make the spaces look more attractive. It also shows that you have a lot of space, some of which has been used to make the space prettier. This will also help you highlight all the shelves and give a character to your home and rooms.


  1. Paint them up white:

Painting the walls, wardrobe and cabinets white makes them look more spacious than they actually are. Adding little lamp lights and such other lighting fixtures into the wardrobe makes them a point of attraction and also eye catching.

  1. Invest in containers for your little things:

A little investment in containers, boxes and cardboard bins can go a long way. This is because containers can make the stacked-up things look neat and presentable. You should consider having non transparent or opaque containers as storage pieces because they give a uniform and prim look to the wardrobe. Also your choice for containers should depend on the things you are planning to store inside them.

These are just some of the tips that make your storage spaces stand out. Also, there is one rule of thumb, make your wardrobes less crowded and clutter free. This will ensure that they look neater, wider and as a result more spacious.

We understand that home staging can be a task and seem to be a lot of work altogether. If you are overwhelmed, then we would suggest you consider taking help from home stagers. At Mint Homes we are a group of veteran home stagers and we are known for our reliable and professional services across the Auckland region. If you are looking for Home Staging services or consider enquiring for one then you can contact us here. We wish you good luck with the Home Staging process and hope you have a lot of fun!

How to prepare your house for sale- 5 home staging tips and ideas

Selling your house is an amazing process. But simultaneously, it can also be as stressful as it sounds exciting to you. With new properties popping out each day in the market, you would need to make sure your house stands out from the competition. Therefore, you could get the optimum return for your house.


However, before you go and start installing garage conversions or kitchen installations, take a moment and think whether it is worth it? Will it pay off well at the time of sale?


To answer such crucial questions and get you a head start on preparing your house for sale, check out this carefully curated list of home staging tips and ideas for your next house sale.

  • Eyes of the Potential Buyer


You probably have lived in your house for significant years, so chances are bright your might have grown to be over familiar with the property and have used to miss out on the quirks of the house. It could get difficult to find the buyer quickly if you do not figure out the small yet significant issues from the buyer’s perspective.


As a seller, you will require to have buyers’ eyes when it comes to getting your house ready for sale. Take a step back and alter your outlook from a seller to a potential buyer. Start thinking about what a potential buyer would want in a house that lacks in your property.

  • De-cluttering


To make your rooms loom more appealing and larger, de-cluttering would be the first thing to get started with while making your house ready for sale. Remove the furniture items that you have not used in a while or do not need soon. You can keep it in bins in the garage, or you can also hire a storage facility and keep your belongings there.


This will make your house look tidy and light and allow you to throw out the stuff you would not want to take with you while moving to another house.

  • The street Appeal.


As it says, the first impression is the last impression. The street appeal of your house will get your potential buyers thinking by pushing them on a positive note. From that point only, they will start thinking about whether to buy your property or not. Hence, making a pleasant from the beginning can help you a lot for your final sale.


You never know small steps like Keeping your lawn or pool cleaned, paths swapped, and weeding your garden can take you a long way, and it will make the process of selling the house more convenient for you without much effort.

  • Repairs and Touch-ups


Most of us have that pending list of repairs that we need to do but are too lazy to get started. So, this is the right time to put that list on the table and start working on it. Start from the small issues like crocked windows, leaking taps, and holes in the walls and gradually move towards the bigger things like painting a wall.


Prioritize your tasks to tackle the shortage of the budget or the time limit on your hands.

  • Informing your tenants


Suppose you are selling your house, which has been tenanted for a long period. It is better to give them prior notice to evacuate before commencing the selling process. You would also require the permission of your Tennant for any photography, viewings, or open homes.


Furthermore, you would also require their permission to include their possessions in the photographs or marketing. Therefore, informing your tenants before a significant time would be a wise choice to make.


On a final note, the whole point of getting your house ready through Home staging for sale is that the potential buyers should feel like a home when they see it. And Minthomes makes sure our every property gets our profound expert assistance by offering them tailored design services and Interior consultation.


We offer you partial and full-fledged house stagnation services by turning your property into a home and making your open house a huge success with the utmost return on your property.


Here’s why you should use a Professional Home Stager

Home Staging can be understood as a process of styling your property to make it more appealing to the probable buyers. This helps the buyer picture themselves easily in the property and helps you reach the potential buyer much quicker in a competitive market.


Is Professional Home Staging Worth The Cost?

“Home Staging” is the process of setting up a house for sale in such a way that the buyer can imagine themselves living in it. Home Staging is thought to improve a house’s selling price and help a house stand out in online searches and offline open houses. This helps an owner sell away the house sooner.