Here’s How Home Staging Works

Are you looking to sell your home? If yes, then in this sluggish real estate market, just placing a home for sale and crossing your fingers won’t sell your house. So, in that case, home staging will be your helping hand. So let’s see what home staging means.

You’ve seen stunning images of perfectly styled homes on television, in publications, and on social sites. The best qualities of your house are highlighted during home staging so that many prospective buyers can visualize living there. 

Home staging is a kind of advertising, or in simple words, it is marketing. Generally, it involves rearranging and adding furniture and decoration. Preparing your house for sale to attract the maximum number of purchasers prepared to pay the highest price is known as “home staging.” In terms of time and financial investment, staging can be one of the most successful tasks you have ever worked on.

However, you are advised to pay special attention to the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and outdoor living areas while staging your house. Home staging advice includes removing any personal items like photos and towels, cleaning or replacing your electrical fittings to make them look brand new, and eliminating odors. 

Why Is Home Staging Crucial?

No one likes that their house is sold at a lesser price. So, in that case, staging can be your savior, which is one of the most profitable undertakings in terms of time and finance. The buyers do not always look for just a place to live in, infact, they want to fulfill their dreams and want to improve their standard of living. Staging can bring in more profit for the seller.

Alternatives For Home Staging

For home staging, you can consider one of the below mentioned three options.

Do It Yourself(DIY)

You can design and present the home yourself if you wish to save money or are confident in your abilities. Renovating and updating the interior, rearranging your furniture, buying new pillowcases, getting rid of any personal belongings like photos, and adding attractive, cozy touches like fresh flowers are all things to think about.

Consult Your Real Estate Agent For Assistance

It is said that with the help of a real estate agent, the chances of selling the house increase faster. Therefore, before taking pictures, listing the home, or promoting it, they will help their clients set it up and stage it. While some agents may merely guide how sellers might build their own homes, others will actively be involved in the process. Not only this, but they also have decorative items which you can use to brighten up the space. 

Hire A Reputable Staging Company To Handle The Procedure For You

Suppose you are getting confused in decorating your house or facing some problems. In that case, you can also hire a professional who frequently knows interior design, real estate, or even both.

Essential Home Staging Tips!

There are simple, inexpensive methods to improve the interior of your home. Let’s see which are they:

The first and foremost rule of home staging is to have a clean home. This doesn’t only include cleaning bathrooms and carpets, but it also includes cleaning under the counters, sanitizing tile grout, dusting crown molding and ceiling fans, and many more are included in the cleaning. 

Make sure that each and every corner and area is cleaned. 

You will need to declutter so potential buyers won’t have to scroll through your family portraits to see your house. You should remove all items to avoid distracting potential buyers. Some stagers even suggest taking down mirrors so potential purchasers won’t be distracted by seeing themselves in them.

See that more natural light is present in your house so that the buyer can see your house more clearly. Moreover, also turn on all of the lights in the house to give the impression that the spaces are larger and brighter.

Final Verdict

Your home staging expense can ultimately pay for itself through a quicker sale. Faster sales also result in significant carrying cost savings for the seller. So don’t be confused about going with home staging. It is an easy, budget-friendly, and comfortable way to sell your house quickly and effectively. 

How To Decorate Your Home on A Budget

It is the most pleasing feeling to go into your house after a hard day, knowing you will be comfortable and calm. As a result, walking into a stark or very simple home might take away some of the unique sentiments of homecoming. It’s reasonable that you can’t truly make your place appear cosy when everything is so pricey. This is why we have come up with a few fantastic suggestions for you if you desire to redesign your house on a budget.


Tips To Decorate Your Home on A Low-Budget


If you are thinking about ideas on how to design your home on a minimal budget, we have some for you:


De-clutter Your Home


When you have a lot of things, it takes a lot more time to keep your home clean and inviting. Over the years, it is easy to keep many things you don’t need, making your home look cluttered and messy. By getting rid of the mess, you’ll be able to see all the work that needs to be done.


Move the Furniture of Your Home


You might be surprised by how much moving furniture can change a room. It can give your house a new look and sometimes help you find space you did not know you had. You can change the look of your home without spending any money at all if you move your furniture around.


Redecorate Your Home with Forgotten Stuff


Take a look at your belongings and select a few things that you can use to decorate your home to bring in a fresh atmosphere. Even shifting wall decorations and other objects around the house may bring a fresh feel. While de-cluttering, you may have uncovered several things that you have not got the chance to utilise over the years and some that you have entirely forgotten about.


Repaint Your Home


If you are wary of gazing at your dreary walls, consider repainting. When you do it, you will realise it is not that hard. Invite your pals over for a fun day of painting. Try painting one wall in a room a different colour from the rest, just for fun. Do not forget the ceiling. Most people disregard this or choose white as default, but a recently painted lavender or buttery yellow top will add to the new and rich impression of the property.


Change the Light of Your House


You may be amazed at how much of a difference changing your lampshades makes while figuring out how to design a house on a budget. When you turn on the lamp, the space will take on a new appearance and feel, and your illumination will take on a new colour.


Redecorate Your Bathroom


Like the rest of your home, your bathroom may need a new shower curtain to freshen things up. You can always add different coloured towels and other bathroom items to help improve the ambience of the bath without having to splurge. If you live near a beach, you may gather a few pebbles to use to adorn and give it a coastal ambience.


Decorate Your Space with a New Rug

Getting yourself a new lush looking carpet may make a lot of difference to your decor. The rug will bring a sense of coziness and warmth to any area, whether it’s your living room or your bedroom. Be sure the rug’s colour fits the motif you’ve chosen for the region. A carpet that doesn’t mix well with the rest of your furniture can throw the entire look off.


Use Your Passion to Decorate Your Home


You may have a passion for anything specific, such as stamp collecting or making floral imprints. Use these collections to adorn your house. This is something more that will allow your individuality to come through in your home.




Your family will feel much better if you decorate your home to give it personality and a sense of safety and security. If you are thinking about redecorating your home, try using some tips above. This will save you a lot of money, and when the work is done, you will be happier with it because your home will be unique and have its style. You can redecorate your home on a budget if you have the will and some good ideas.

Is Professional Home-Staging Worth the Cost?

Nowadays, sellers are continuously looking for methods to differentiate their property. The use of house staging has become increasingly fashionable in recent years. But is it worth it? How can you know whether it is the correct fit?

What is Home Staging?

Good house staging is “a form of visual rebranding that draws on some of the essentials of interior design.” Preparation for an open house should be as subtle as possible, such as dressing in a way that does not draw attention to yourself.


“Emotional staging” is a term used by stagers to describe the process of making property appear more appealing in photographs by allowing purchasers to visualize themselves living there.


Why Is Home Staging Necessary?

No one would walk into an interview for a job dressed in tattered jeans and a soiled t-shirt, would they? If you are trying to sell your house, you want to make the best first impression possible to entice potential buyers.


One survey found that 80 per cent of purchasers know if a property is suited for them within the first few seconds of entering. You only get one chance to grab a buyer’s attention, so make it count.


When looking for a house, most individuals find it tough to visualize how they would use a room or space to best meet their requirements. Staging gives the property that extra oomph to drive the buyer’s imagination and aids in showcasing the best attributes of the home you are selling.


Plus, evidence indicates that home-sating works, so it is a good idea. It took a look at 1,081 homes and found that un-staged homes stay on the market an average of 184 days.


After being staged, these homes sold in 41 days. On the other hand, homes you are going to stage from the start sell on average in 23 days, which is 90% less time on the market.


The Benefits of Home Staging


No one goes to an interview with soiled, torn-up sweatpants and a musty T-shirt. In the same way, you should treat the house similarly.


There are various strategies to make an excellent first impression when selling your house. A study found that 80 per cent of potential buyers know within the first few seconds if a property is suited to them or not.


Staging is a must to get the buyer’s imagination going and highlight the best features of your property.


Here are some of the benefits of home staging.

  • It Helps Potential Buyers Visualize Themselves in Your Space
  • It can increase the value of your home.
  • Staging Helps Property Photos Stand Out Online
  • It Can Shorten the Length of Time Your Home is on the Market
  • Organizing Demonstrates a Home’s Potential
  • It can make a space feel bigger.


How Much Does Home-Staging Cost?

How big is this place? Is there someone living there, or is it empty? Are you looking for a place to keep your belongings safe and secure? The cost of staging a property varies based on a variety of criteria.


Babb estimates that you should budget at least $2000 for the staging of a location that is smaller than 1000 square feet in size. More than 1000 square feet of living space is likely to result in a bill of more than $3,000.


Is Professional Home-Staging Worth The Cost?

Every seller wants to maximize their home’s value. Staging costs can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the services supplied and the company’s price structure. So, is it worth it? The study says yes.


Tips to Find a Professional Home-Stager

Unlike certain occupations, staging has no recognized licensing body or exam. Anyone may call themselves a stager, so getting references from a seller who has used and succeeded with a particular stager or from your broker is preferable. A competent broker will know good stagers.


Bottom Line

A professional stager with a proven track record, good design sense, and a good reputation may save you money. A month or more of carrying expenses is saved by staging, and it generates a buzz that pulls in bids over your asking price. “It costs more to not stage.

How To Decorate Home In 8 Simple Steps

Furnishing a house may be exciting and challenging, depending on your readiness. However, after you have come up with a few design concepts, the rest should be a piece of cake! Make a to-do checklist for your interior décor endeavour that will enhance efficiency and be within your budget, and you should be able to see how simple it all is to do. It is also the perfect time to implement those digital decorative item inspirations you have been saving for so long! Continue reading to learn how to do everything.

Step 1: Start With Collecting Ideas

This component is virtually limitless. Browse Instagram, publications, and the worldwide web. Maybe you get your ideas from a TV show. Start saving, clipping, documenting, and doing whatever else it takes to keep your design together. Even if you do not have a motif yet, picking colours, patterns, and patterns that you enjoy will help you develop one.

Step 2: Make The List Of All Essentials

Now that you have some rough ideas for your house, you can decide on these few essentials that enhance your room. Keep track of your essential decor for each room. These will give you a framework to work from and help to keep you organized as you select more parts.

You can also add particular items you think you will need here. However, if you have not set a budget, then do not become too focused on specifics. After all, it is your home.

Step 3:  Think About What You Already Have

Think about something you already own. With this home decoration makeover, certain elements may perform effectively in other spaces. Light from your room may look great in the current living room decor. Be selective about where you put your existing space.

Use your DIY brain now. Can a chair be reupholstered to suit? Can you incorporate a new lampshade over other lamps you loathe? Examine all your existing items for a cost-effective strategy and use them before throwing them out.

Step 4: Let Your Inspiration Guide You

It is time to budget. Since the cost seems to be constrained, we prefer to let inspiration guide the project rather than money. Your budget can be based on your creativity. If you have a limited budget, do not think you can’t make a huge change. Sure! With a small budget, you will be shopping at more budget-friendly retailers. But, still, you never know what you’ll find when you go vintage hunting!

Step 5: Place Everything In Sets Of Three

Although this is not a precise requirement, materials arranged in decimals are more visually appealing. The most popular method of organizing things is to place them into a set of three.

Assort them by colour, frame, and appearance. It is especially true for cushions or comfy pillows. It is not enough to put three different-coloured cushions together, you need more.

Step 6: Start Your DIYs Project

Once the essentials are in order, you can take a fresh look at your area. For those who haven’t started yet, this is a fantastic opportunity to get started on your DIY projects.

Look at your budget again before you start shopping for more furnishings. Here, we prefer to reassess things because your thoughts may have evolved. Once you have begun redecorating, it is possible to make up your mind, and it is better to do so amid the job instead of after you have purchased it all.

Step 7: Purchase Others Décor Items

Finally, you have got the essentials and some do-it-yourself tasks. Now, you only need to buy the pending things on your list, and to make sure that you do not run out of money, prioritize your shopping first.

If you prepare ahead and shop logically, you can ensure that you have obtained the essentials first. When your budget improves, you may always purchase other decor items.

Step 8: Create Something New

After choosing everything, it is time to bring it all together. It is thrilling to see your interior décor ideas come to life, and you can modify them whenever you want! Enjoy your current layout and, after a few years, follow these eight simple steps to create something new!

The bottom Line

Make a to-do list before commencing any interior decorating job. Then explore. It is that simple and does not cost a fortune to make your home gorgeous.

The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in Home Staging

We live in an era where product presentation has become an important part of selling assets. Yes, It’s applied in the home also. If we want to sell the home, you need to do the proper staging, which highlights the home’s best assets and lets the buyer imagine the home’s beauty. Empty homes do not have the potential to attract buyers.


The chances of staged homes are higher to sell quickly which non-staged homes take more time. If you want to kick off the early spring home-selling season, read our full article and take the best tips to help you sell your house quickly.


Here, we will mention the top things you must always do while home staging and never to do the same.


The Dos of Home Staging



  1. Make everything as Bright, Light, and Airy as possible.


If we want to make our home more attractive, proper lighting is one of the best solutions. Lack of lighting appears uninviting and closed off. If your home does not have the proper lighting fixtures, we suggest you to replacing them and make your room more bright, light, and airy as the first step of staging. Being inexpensive makes a big difference.


  1. Make update before listing your home.


Home should feel like the price point. So, we advise you to do some research and make the update before even presenting your home to the realtor. Having the updated home helps you to attract contemporary buyers who are more interested in a move-in-ready home that fits their ideal lifestyle.


  1. Declutter and neutralize.


After doing the proper lighting arrangement, we need to identify the unnecessary objective of each room and start packing.


To present our home property more attractively, we need to remove everything that can distract the buyer from seeing our home properly. Yes, we need to remove our collection, newspapers, book and magazines area, family photos, sports memorabilia room, etc.


  1. Focus on curb appeal


Sprucing up the landscape and lawn will surely help us deliver our home’s best presentation.


First of all, we need to remove all the overgrown and dead shrubs in the gardening area of the home. If our home has any cracks, do the power wash and railing if required. Also, we need to touch up the peeling paint of each room if needed.


  1. Do the welcoming touch.


Last but very important things to do, we need to add a welcoming touch at the front door by decoring seasonal plants, fresh mat, and the freshly painted front door. Have a look at whether your doorbell is properly working or not.


The Don’ts of Home Staging


  1. Staging your home to sell with outdated furniture.


If your home has some old and worn-down furniture, it makes your home old and out of style. It can be the reason and less the potential of buyers.


Being in contact with the best stager will do the optimal furniture placement and do the proper arrangement of your home assets which present the aesthetically appealing to anyone who enters the home through the door.


  1. Don’t cover windows


We need to keep all the windows of the home free and clear from any kind of treatment and let in the maximum natural light, which helps you to present the room larger as possible. It will surely entice the buyers and give them a better viewing. A good curtain can add softness and elegance to the room. So, make sure to lift all blinds, if any.


  1. Don’t be afraid to team up.


Selling a home needs professionalism; packing and decluttering is a big task. That is why we advise you to invest in selling your home by contacting the professional home stager. They have the expertise to look at the objective of the home and deliver proven ways to enhance the seller’s home showings.

  1. Don’t leave anything broken.


We need to make sure that everything should work fine and be in perfect order. Also, repair cracked windows, broken tile, leaky faucets, loose doorknobs, check the working condition of light bulbs, replace it if needed.


  1. Don’t display personal items.


We advise you to keep your things aways while home stagings such as politics, religion, alcohol, and collegiate preferences. Try not to feel the buyer offend; it will appeal to many buyers.


On a Final Note


In short, We need to follow those do and don’t to make sure that your home should feel like home to your potential buyers. You need to be careful with many more points to get the best deal for your home. We just mention the top points here.


Invest in your home with Minthomes and get full-fledged and partial home staging services and turn your home into big bank cash.

Highlight Home Storage in Your Staging

Home Staging can be defined as the preparation of a private residence for the purpose of selling. While home staging can take a little of your investment it can pay you off by getting you worthy and wonderful deals considering it is really advantageous.

As Home Stagers with a good amount of experience we have learnt that for a buyer who is looking to move into a new place, storage is of utmost importance. And hence whenever people look for a new place, they look for cupboards and attics, walk-in closets and more such nooks and corners where they can stuff in their belongings. Thus, storage is extremely important and is to be highlighted whenever you plan to stage your home.

Even if you do not have a lot of extra space at your place there are ways you can implement to highlight the space which you already have and make the overall appearance of your house a lot more spacious and eye-catching. Penned below are a few tricks that will make your house look more appealing to the buyers and set you up for great deals out there:

  1. Put the clutter away:

The very first step towards creating space in your house or reusing space is to put the unnecessary and the unwanted stuff away. You can put all this stuff in bins and stack them up vertically or in a neat manner in your garage or your store rooms. This will ensure that your cupboards are not jam-packed and your garage also looks more presentable and neater. This will eventually lead to optimization of your storage spaces.

  1. Clean up your space:

The next step after having done away with the clutter is to clean up the spaces. It often happens that during the cleaning process cupboards, closets and storage spaces get overlooked. Hence, it is very important that you dust off your shelves and wipe them clean. If you have a walk-in closet, you can consider vacuuming the floor. This will make the cabinet spaces look spick and span and attractive.

  1. Add in a few décor pieces:

Adding in vases, candles or little décor pieces will give a pop of colour as well as make the spaces look more attractive. It also shows that you have a lot of space, some of which has been used to make the space prettier. This will also help you highlight all the shelves and give a character to your home and rooms.


  1. Paint them up white:

Painting the walls, wardrobe and cabinets white makes them look more spacious than they actually are. Adding little lamp lights and such other lighting fixtures into the wardrobe makes them a point of attraction and also eye catching.

  1. Invest in containers for your little things:

A little investment in containers, boxes and cardboard bins can go a long way. This is because containers can make the stacked-up things look neat and presentable. You should consider having non transparent or opaque containers as storage pieces because they give a uniform and prim look to the wardrobe. Also your choice for containers should depend on the things you are planning to store inside them.

These are just some of the tips that make your storage spaces stand out. Also, there is one rule of thumb, make your wardrobes less crowded and clutter free. This will ensure that they look neater, wider and as a result more spacious.

We understand that home staging can be a task and seem to be a lot of work altogether. If you are overwhelmed, then we would suggest you consider taking help from home stagers. At Mint Homes we are a group of veteran home stagers and we are known for our reliable and professional services across the Auckland region. If you are looking for Home Staging services or consider enquiring for one then you can contact us here. We wish you good luck with the Home Staging process and hope you have a lot of fun!

How to prepare your house for sale- 5 home staging tips and ideas

Selling your house is an amazing process. But simultaneously, it can also be as stressful as it sounds exciting to you. With new properties popping out each day in the market, you would need to make sure your house stands out from the competition. Therefore, you could get the optimum return for your house.


However, before you go and start installing garage conversions or kitchen installations, take a moment and think whether it is worth it? Will it pay off well at the time of sale?


To answer such crucial questions and get you a head start on preparing your house for sale, check out this carefully curated list of home staging tips and ideas for your next house sale.

  • Eyes of the Potential Buyer


You probably have lived in your house for significant years, so chances are bright your might have grown to be over familiar with the property and have used to miss out on the quirks of the house. It could get difficult to find the buyer quickly if you do not figure out the small yet significant issues from the buyer’s perspective.


As a seller, you will require to have buyers’ eyes when it comes to getting your house ready for sale. Take a step back and alter your outlook from a seller to a potential buyer. Start thinking about what a potential buyer would want in a house that lacks in your property.

  • De-cluttering


To make your rooms loom more appealing and larger, de-cluttering would be the first thing to get started with while making your house ready for sale. Remove the furniture items that you have not used in a while or do not need soon. You can keep it in bins in the garage, or you can also hire a storage facility and keep your belongings there.


This will make your house look tidy and light and allow you to throw out the stuff you would not want to take with you while moving to another house.

  • The street Appeal.


As it says, the first impression is the last impression. The street appeal of your house will get your potential buyers thinking by pushing them on a positive note. From that point only, they will start thinking about whether to buy your property or not. Hence, making a pleasant from the beginning can help you a lot for your final sale.


You never know small steps like Keeping your lawn or pool cleaned, paths swapped, and weeding your garden can take you a long way, and it will make the process of selling the house more convenient for you without much effort.

  • Repairs and Touch-ups


Most of us have that pending list of repairs that we need to do but are too lazy to get started. So, this is the right time to put that list on the table and start working on it. Start from the small issues like crocked windows, leaking taps, and holes in the walls and gradually move towards the bigger things like painting a wall.


Prioritize your tasks to tackle the shortage of the budget or the time limit on your hands.

  • Informing your tenants


Suppose you are selling your house, which has been tenanted for a long period. It is better to give them prior notice to evacuate before commencing the selling process. You would also require the permission of your Tennant for any photography, viewings, or open homes.


Furthermore, you would also require their permission to include their possessions in the photographs or marketing. Therefore, informing your tenants before a significant time would be a wise choice to make.


On a final note, the whole point of getting your house ready through Home staging for sale is that the potential buyers should feel like a home when they see it. And Minthomes makes sure our every property gets our profound expert assistance by offering them tailored design services and Interior consultation.


We offer you partial and full-fledged house stagnation services by turning your property into a home and making your open house a huge success with the utmost return on your property.


Here’s why you should use a Professional Home Stager

Home Staging can be understood as a process of styling your property to make it more appealing to the probable buyers. This helps the buyer picture themselves easily in the property and helps you reach the potential buyer much quicker in a competitive market.


Is Professional Home Staging Worth The Cost?

“Home Staging” is the process of setting up a house for sale in such a way that the buyer can imagine themselves living in it. Home Staging is thought to improve a house’s selling price and help a house stand out in online searches and offline open houses. This helps an owner sell away the house sooner.