The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in Home Staging

We live in an era where product presentation has become an important part of selling assets. Yes, It’s applied in the home also. If we want to sell the home, you need to do the proper staging, which highlights the home’s best assets and lets the buyer imagine the home’s beauty. Empty homes do not have the potential to attract buyers.


The chances of staged homes are higher to sell quickly which non-staged homes take more time. If you want to kick off the early spring home-selling season, read our full article and take the best tips to help you sell your house quickly.


Here, we will mention the top things you must always do while home staging and never to do the same.


The Dos of Home Staging



  1. Make everything as Bright, Light, and Airy as possible.


If we want to make our home more attractive, proper lighting is one of the best solutions. Lack of lighting appears uninviting and closed off. If your home does not have the proper lighting fixtures, we suggest you to replacing them and make your room more bright, light, and airy as the first step of staging. Being inexpensive makes a big difference.


  1. Make update before listing your home.


Home should feel like the price point. So, we advise you to do some research and make the update before even presenting your home to the realtor. Having the updated home helps you to attract contemporary buyers who are more interested in a move-in-ready home that fits their ideal lifestyle.


  1. Declutter and neutralize.


After doing the proper lighting arrangement, we need to identify the unnecessary objective of each room and start packing.


To present our home property more attractively, we need to remove everything that can distract the buyer from seeing our home properly. Yes, we need to remove our collection, newspapers, book and magazines area, family photos, sports memorabilia room, etc.


  1. Focus on curb appeal


Sprucing up the landscape and lawn will surely help us deliver our home’s best presentation.


First of all, we need to remove all the overgrown and dead shrubs in the gardening area of the home. If our home has any cracks, do the power wash and railing if required. Also, we need to touch up the peeling paint of each room if needed.


  1. Do the welcoming touch.


Last but very important things to do, we need to add a welcoming touch at the front door by decoring seasonal plants, fresh mat, and the freshly painted front door. Have a look at whether your doorbell is properly working or not.


The Don’ts of Home Staging


  1. Staging your home to sell with outdated furniture.


If your home has some old and worn-down furniture, it makes your home old and out of style. It can be the reason and less the potential of buyers.


Being in contact with the best stager will do the optimal furniture placement and do the proper arrangement of your home assets which present the aesthetically appealing to anyone who enters the home through the door.


  1. Don’t cover windows


We need to keep all the windows of the home free and clear from any kind of treatment and let in the maximum natural light, which helps you to present the room larger as possible. It will surely entice the buyers and give them a better viewing. A good curtain can add softness and elegance to the room. So, make sure to lift all blinds, if any.


  1. Don’t be afraid to team up.


Selling a home needs professionalism; packing and decluttering is a big task. That is why we advise you to invest in selling your home by contacting the professional home stager. They have the expertise to look at the objective of the home and deliver proven ways to enhance the seller’s home showings.

  1. Don’t leave anything broken.


We need to make sure that everything should work fine and be in perfect order. Also, repair cracked windows, broken tile, leaky faucets, loose doorknobs, check the working condition of light bulbs, replace it if needed.


  1. Don’t display personal items.


We advise you to keep your things aways while home stagings such as politics, religion, alcohol, and collegiate preferences. Try not to feel the buyer offend; it will appeal to many buyers.


On a Final Note


In short, We need to follow those do and don’t to make sure that your home should feel like home to your potential buyers. You need to be careful with many more points to get the best deal for your home. We just mention the top points here.


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