Five tricks for making your open home look fresh and desirable.

Clean, clean, and clean again!

Everyone would be put off by untidy rooms. Clean all surfaces, corners, windows, and inside storage areas. Fresh, neutral coloured paint makes everything appear cleaner and new, and goes with a variety of décor and accent colours.


Don’t underestimate the power of accessories such as cushion, rugs, small ornaments and books. They are great tools to update your décor and add accent colours. At the same time, don’t overdo on the accessories, always remember “less is more”.


A rug is a great decorating tool – it doesn’t only add colour and warmth to your space, but also helps defining a space. Go large with your rug, a too-small rug will actually make your room appear smaller. For a luxurious look, let your rug flow underneath furniture.


As the focal point of a bedroom, it won’t cost much to have a makeover for your bed. Simply fold up one or two extra layers of blankets on top of your duvet, and having a few extra colourful cushions, which will give your bedroom a luxury feel. Having a chair in the corner of your bedroom will make your room seems bigger.

Flowers & Fruit

Fresh flowers and a bowl of fresh fruit always work wonders, carefully choose the colours of the flower according to your interior accent colours. Most home stagers use artificial flowers and fruits because they don’t require regular caring or replacement, if you are getting your own artificial flowers and fruit, make sure you buy the good quality “realistic looking ones”. Fake cheap looking ones will do the exactly opposite of what you need to achieve.