The Four-Box Method for decluttering.

People talk about de-clutter all the time, but it’s nearly always a mission impossible since you are busy with work and big family to take care of.

A great tip I learnt a while back is that when you buy something new, always get rid of the old piece you’ve just replaced. Easy!

I’ve got a de-clutter system. Four large plastic bins in my storage individually labelled as: sell, donate, friends and dump. Whenever I see a something sitting there, not having been touched or used for a while, I choose a bin for it. Then I dispose it accordingly when the bin is full.

When it comes to de-clutter for open homes, a golden rule is “less is more”.

Prepare some large plastic bins, and start going around the rooms to collect things like personal photo frames, kids toys, kitchen and bathroom counter-top clutters, too many extra clothes in your wardrobe.

It’s very common that you’ll find hard to remove things because they have personal connection with you, just remember that the buyers do not have those connections – in fact, they may be put off by them.